Letter from Proud Father

To whom it may concern:

You run an essential, amazing organization. It’s an honor and a privilege to write this for you.

Ever since we enrolled our child, our fourteen-year-old son who has Asperger’s at PRYAF last year, we’ve noticed subtle AND dramatic changes in his abilities, confidence and demeanor. Where he once ambled hesitantly towards the front door when dropping him off, he now strides quickly and confidently towards that door, into a place which has become, for lack of a more original term, his second home.

At PRYAF he finds social stimulation, a sense of community, and most of all, acceptance for who he is and what he can do. He is treated like the creative, committed individual he is when he walks through that door. He is allowed the chance to earn respect and trust in ways he has never been allowed to before. He has, for his entire life, wanted to contribute and to be accepted, to find a community that helps him find his voice.

PRYAF is that place, that community, that experience. We could not be more grateful and happy that he has finally found a way to grow and flourish in your wonderful community. We are committed, as our son is, to contributing all we can to the continued success of PRYAF. Our sole regret is that we did not enroll him sooner!


Proud Father