Creative Enrichment

Video Production
Filming: Students learn about basic camera functions, recording equipment, filming techniques, storyboarding, and pre and post production. Activities include: filming student/class-written short films, creating advertisements for PRYAF, recording PRYAF shows, and interviewing students and teachers.
Editing: Students edit test footage in Adobe Premiere Pro CC to learn the basic skills of video editing such as crossfades, editing clips together, adding effects, color correcting, and green screen effects. After students have had experience, they edit footage shot in the filming class.

Technical Theater
This hands-on course teaches students how to safely and efficiently use theatrical equipment like microphones, speakers, lights, lenses, projectors, and more! Students will get to use cool technology such as Lighting Consoles and Sound Boards. This class features sections in: concert and theatrical lighting design, live sound, electricity, theater safety, and also proper communication between theater techs during the run of a production. If you want to expand your knowledge in theater, this is the class for you!

Creative Writing
Students unleash their inner authors in this creative writing class.

Song Writing
Students learn how to craft and write original songs and musical compositions. (Though no musical experience or ability to play an instrument is required, being able to hear pitch correctly and sing in tune is highly recommended).